[R6RS] Library bindings vs. call/cc

R. Kent Dybvig dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Thu Jan 18 23:28:37 EST 2007

> > A fresh location is created for each exported variable and initialized
> > to the value of its local counterpart.
> Here's what I think this might mean:
> - Internal references to local variables refer to the "local
>   counterpart".
> - The exported variables are initialized after all the rhs expressions
>   have been evaluated.
> I don't quite know what this means for throwing back to a continuation
> of a rhs.  Will this throw an exception?  (I remember we talked about
> this, but not the specifics.)  Are the local counterparts also
> immutable?

You're right that this all isn't clear.  Let's deal with this (perhaps as
a formal comment) after 5.92 is released.


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