[R6RS] Re: Script exit codes; trademarks

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Tue Jan 16 10:44:04 EST 2007

One more thing: could any resident Mac experts (Matthew?) perhaps add a 
sentence to the section about Mac OS X in scriptappendix.tex, or point 
me to some docs?  I believe there's a non-Unix-like way to make scripts 
executable under Mac OS X, but I don't know anything about it.

Anton van Straaten wrote:
> I've committed some minor changes to programs.tex and scriptlib.tex. 
> This includes simplifying the grammar as Kent suggested, and adding some 
> text about the command-line procedure.
> A couple of other issues:
> Exit codes
> ==========
> Formal response #18 said that the script appendix "may specify an exit 
> code mechanism that handles both integer and string exit codes."
> I have not done this.  Mike proposed a solution here:
> http://lists.r6rs.org/pipermail/r6rs-discuss/2006-October/000348.html
> However, we didn't ever discuss this amongst the editors, afair, other 
> than when approving the formal response, when we decided to postpone the 
> details.
> Right now, the language regarding exit codes is mostly missing from the 
> document(s).  I see three obvious resolutions:
> 1. The language for numeric exit codes can easily be restored;
> 2. We could go with something that's agnostic about the type of the exit 
> code, leaving the details to the implementation & platform;
> 3. We could go ahead with Mike's proposal, which allows for writing 
> portable code that produces platform-appropriate exit codes even on an 
> OS like Plan 9.
> Either 1 or 2 are quick & easy to specify.  I think 3 requires some 
> discussion at least, or a motion etc.  Thoughts?
> Also, should exit codes be documented as a feature of (top-level) 
> programs, or only of scripts?  Command line access is a feature of 
> programs, so it seems as if exit codes belong there too.
> Trademarks
> ==========
> The mention of Mac OS and Windows in scriptappendix.tex probably 
> requires some kind of trademark acknowledgement...  I'll look at it 
> later today but I just wanted to mention it as an issue.
> Anton

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