[R6RS] recommendations for blue/minor/"needs discussion first" tickets

Matthew Flatt mflatt at cs.utah.edu
Tue Nov 28 21:52:33 EST 2006

Even though we haven't discussed them, yet, I've added recommendations
for all of my blue/minor/"needs discussion first" tickets into the
tracking system. My recommendations are based mostly on discussion from
the r6rs-discuss list.

Here's a summary:

 92, 109, 110, 123: libraries and phasing

   Essentially keep the status-quo compromise, but revise the
   specification to be less precise about invocation and visit times
   (which is related to #87).

 126: local imports

   Continue to punt.

 81, 127: `add-prefix'

   Keep it, but rename to just `prefix' (as suggested by #81)

 82: `for' syntax

   Leave it alone. My opinion on this one is very weak, though.


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