[R6RS] syntax-case semantics

Matthew Flatt mflatt at cs.utah.edu
Mon Mar 20 08:09:58 EST 2006

At Sun, 19 Mar 2006 22:07:47 -0500, William D Clinger wrote:
> I was kind of hoping someone would offer an argument for
> making syntax objects opaque that made sense from a user's
> or macro writer's perspective.

I agree with Mike's argument on this point.

Also, for a future standard, I wonder whether lexical context might
matter for parts of syntax other than symbols. For example, MzScheme
uses the lexical context of pairs to support macro-based rebinding of
application through `#%app'. Even if `#%app' is a bad idea, the
question is whether any good idea likely depends on lexical context for

I plan to vote for opaque syntax objects, but I can certainly live with


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