[R6RS] my notes on today's conference call (15 March 2006)

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Mar 15 14:05:37 EST 2006

conference call of March 15 2006, about 12:46pm
Kent, Mike, Will, Matthew, Anton

0. finalize agenda (1 minute)
    note on syntax-case and SRFI-72 was posted by Anton

1. action items from 3/8/2006 (5 minutes)
   - exceptions
     - post note re: changes to SRFIs 34/35 (Mike)
     - read SRFIs 34/35 drafts, Mike's changes (Anton, Kent, Matthew, Will)
     - be ready to vote whether to accept SRFIs 34/35 in principle (All)
   - I/O
     - read byte-vector, I/O SRFIs for 3/22 meeting (Anton, Kent, Matthew, Will)
   - carried over:
     - post note re: van Tonder syntax-case differences (Matthew)
     - draft syntax-case SRFI (Kent)

2. exceptions (10-20 minutes)
    general agreement on control part, although Kent had some
        concerns about interactions between dynamic-wind,
        continuations, threads, i/o errors, and such like;
        maybe we should reread the paper by Gasbichler et al
        ("How to add threads to a sequential language without
        getting tangled up", 2003 Scheme workshop)
    general agreement on condition system
    Mike will consolidate into an updated document

3. core/library split (10-20 minutes)
    Is "core" equivalent to "primitive"
    Is "scheme://r6rs" indivisible or an umbrella for many libraries?
    Could have a "scheme://core"
    Library system should allow individual umbrellas to be defined
        (analogous to PLT Scheme's languages)
    The core idea is mostly a documentation concept, but there
        might actually be a core library, or some other library
        that is fairly minimal
    Anton will propose straw-man division into
        core, base, and libraries
    What "scheme://r6rs" includes is a separate question:
        it could consist of the base plus selected libraries

For next week:
    character escape syntax within strings
    what subset of the symbols are allowed as identifiers
For the week after:

4. adjourned about 1:46pm

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