[R6RS] safe and unsafe; declarations

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Sat Mar 4 13:13:37 EST 2006

> > As we'll be sorting out the various exceptional situations in the
> > report anyway, wouldn't it be preferable to use language saying: "In
> > safe mode, this will raise an XXX exception; in unsafe mode, the
> > behavior is unspecified." ?
> Maybe.  We'd have to use that kind of language everywhere
> the R6RS allows or requires an exception to be raised.
> I was trying to find a way to avoid cluttering the report
> with so many references to unsafe mode.  If the description
> of almost every procedure mentions unsafe mode, it will
> be perceived as one of the most prominent misfeatures of
> the language.

Can we deal with this by explaining somewhere up front that the obligation
to raise an exception goes away in unsafe mode and refering back to this
statement in the section on establishing exception handlers?


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