[R6RS] a totalization of equal?

Michael Sperber sperber at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Mar 3 02:17:57 EST 2006

William D Clinger <will at ccs.neu.edu> writes:

> I would appreciate some advice from the editors concerning
> the always-terminating equiv? predicate I proposed.  If we
> aren't likely to consider that for R6RS, should I write it
> up and submit it to the SRFI process?

I don't like it much for R6RS: As the Common Lisp issue explains, any
equality predicate is bound to be wrong for many applications.  For
R6RS, that to me suggests we should go with predicates that are as
simple and easy to understand as possible.  EQUIV? would certainly be
appropriate for some situations, but I think there aren't enough of
those to justify the overhead.

I've personally never needed something like EQUIV?  I would have
occasionally liked some customizable notion of EQUAL?, but it seems
the dispatch mechanism needed to make something like this work is well
outside the scope of what we're doing.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla

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