[R6RS] Case-sensitivity

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Tue Feb 21 13:40:58 EST 2006

> - it doesn't allow me to use different cases for the same identifier,
>   highlighted according to context, like backquote-generated code
>   where the keywords are in all-uppercase

Yes, good point.

> - it puts us out of step with the most popular contemporary computer
>   languages (SQL, Visual basic, HTML, the filesystems on Mac OS X and
>   Windows)

Touche.  I should have said "many contemporary computer languages".
We can list languages on both sides or leave both out.

> - it goes against the intuition of many newcomers to the language

Case insensitivity also goes against the intuition of many newcomers.
I didn't mention this because I know you felt otherwise.  We can give
both sides or leave both out.

> - it encourages the use of identifiers only differentiated by case,
>   which is sufficiently confusing that some projects, after
>   implementing case-sensitivity, immediately establish a convention
>   that code must not make use of it

Allowing something is not the same as encouraging it.  Whether it
is confusing is a value judgement---some find it so, others do not.
For that matter, some find case insensitivity confusing, and some do not.
Also, some projects implement case-sensitivity and continue to make use
of it.  Again, we can mention both sides or leave both out.


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