[R6RS] Case-sensitivity

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Sun Feb 19 20:57:35 EST 2006

William D Clinger wrote:
> Then I remembered the straw poll we took at the Scheme
> workshop in September 2004.  The vote was 22-3 in favor
> of case-sensitivity.  I think we can list that as the
> rationale for case-sensitivity.

Along similar lines, it's worth noting that at least 10 well-known 
Schemes are case-sensitive by default: Bigloo, Chicken, Gambit, Gauche, 
Guile, JScheme, Kawa, PLT, rscheme, scsh.  At least two others, Chez and 
SISC, allow case-sensitivity to be specified as an option.

Given this situation, what would it mean for the R6RS to specify 

For me, this is another reason that simply sticking to pure 
case-insensitivity would be questionable, despite my personal preference 
for that mode.


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