[R6RS] end game---getting really close

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Thu Dec 21 01:39:36 EST 2006

>>I nominate "binary".
> Hmm.  I think binary is usually an adjective and that when it is used in
> noun form it's probably used almost exclusively (in CS) to refer to an
> executable image.

There's some precedent in Erlang, which uses it for a very similar 
purpose to R6RS "bytes".  See e.g.: http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/1921

In text, it's usually referred to as "the binary type", and a value is 
referred to as "a binary".  I think context would usually distinguish it 
from an executable image.

I don't claim it's perfect, but are any of them?

> The adjective binary sounds like it's derived from the (fictional) noun
> binar, so how about binar?

Or just "bin", which also has the connotation of a container that you 
can shove anything into.

But if we get to make up names, my favorite abbreviation of SRFI-74's 
"Octet-Addressed Binary Blocks" is "ocbloc".   :)


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