[R6RS] `ormap' and `andmap'

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Apr 26 12:33:54 EDT 2006

> Could someone provide some context here?  (I don't quite know where
> the suggestion originated.  I can't find any previous mention in the
> archives.)  In particular, why these two, and not any other set of
> procedures from SRFI 1 (`any' and `every')?  And why these names and
> not the names from SRFI 1?  `ormap' and `andmap' seem kind of strange,
> as they are folds, not maps.  Also, as compound names, the
> componenents should be separated with hypens.

andmap, at least, came up during conversations about syntax-case; I've
found things like (andmap identifier?  ---) to be particularly useful in
syntax-case/syntax-rules fenders.  I use ormap fairly often as well.

I haven't found the other SRFI 1 procedures (those that aren't already in
R5RS) to be as useful as these two.

Chez Scheme and MzScheme had andmap and ormap before SRFI 1 introduced any
and every.  I think andmap and ormap are more descriptive of what they do,
and I don't agree that they aren't mapping functions---that depends on
your definition of mapping.  As for wanting a hyphen, I don't care for
hyphens in names that short.  On the other hand, the particular names we
choose if we include these procedures aren't really important to me.


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