[R6RS] Core/library strawman take 2

Anton van Straaten anton at appsolutions.com
Wed Apr 19 12:03:27 EDT 2006

I've checked an updated version of the core/library split proposal into 
SVN at draft/corelib/core-library.txt.

It's essentially the same as last week's proposal (still very summary), 
with most of Mike's suggestions integrated.  The composition of the 
r6rs-small and r6rs libraries have changed.

Mike, I put syntax-rules in r6rs-small - does that fit with what you had 
in mind?  R6rs-small now consists of just r6rs-core, syntax-rules, and 
    records-explicit.  I rationalized this as "This library provides an 
augmented version of the core language with some basic features to 
provide a complete yet small language."

The factoring of the arithmetic libraries raises the question of which 
arithmetic libraries should be included at which levels.  I've chosen to 
  include arithmetic-generic in the r6rs library, but that's just 
shooting from the hip at this point.

To help answer questions like this and address other finer points 
(including some raised by Mike), I've been working on a more detailed 
catalog of the actual procedures contained in each library.  I'll try to 
produce a useful snapshot of that next week.


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