[R6RS] R6RS Unicode SRFI controversial issues

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Fri Jun 17 19:00:27 EDT 2005

Common Lisp allows newlines in characters, treats them as newlines,
and doesn't ignore whitespace after \<newline>.  You may be thinking of
Common Lisp format, which treats ~<newline> as you propose for \<newline>
(with various options for suppressing or not suppressing the newline
and whitespace that follows, of course).  I don't mind \<newline> having
the behavior you suggest.  I'd prefer that we not disallow newlines in
strings, but don't feel strongly about it.

Why not allow \o<o><o><o> for octal character notation in both strings
and characters?  We could still allow \<o><o><o> as well for strings.

I would like for all characters to be followd by a delimiter, so that,
for example, #\s3 is an error.  Requiring all characters to be delimited
also helps leave open future extensions.

Your other suggestions are okay with me.

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