[R6RS] 3 things we may want to vote on

Marc Feeley feeley
Wed Jun 8 14:34:21 EDT 2005

On 8-Jun-05, at 2:02 PM, Anton van Straaten wrote:
>> - Zap SET-CAR! & SET-CDR!
>>         Clinger: yes (if it can be done with the module system)
>>          Dybvig: not sure
>>          Feeley: no
>>           Flatt: no
>>         Serrano: no
>>         Sperber: yes
>>    van Straaten: no
> For the record, I agree with Will's position on this.  That doesn't  
> actually change my vote, unless this change can be done with the  
> module system.
> Anton

Frankly I don't see how a module system would help in practice while  
still maintaining the advantages of removing set-car! and set-cdr!  
(for example better analysis of the rest parameter list, simpler  
implementation of some list primitives such as list?).  If it is  
possible to get at set-car! and set-cdr!, you'd need a whole-program  
analysis to ensure that the list you care about is not being turned  
into a circular list, etc.  But that same whole-program analysis  
could be applied to R5RS.  I'm clearly missing something here...


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