[R6RS] How SRFI 35 enables communication protocols via conditions

Michael Sperber sperber
Wed Jun 8 08:30:19 EDT 2005

"Manuel Serrano" <Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr> writes:

> We are going to add records to R6Rs, I think that exceptions must be
> related to these. More precisely, I think that it is desirable to
> have exceptions specified in terms of records.

The reference implementation of SRFI 35 uses records to represent
conditions.  But it's unclear what this means, or to what advantage a
program would exploit it or should.

If you mean that a condition type should correspond to a record type,
then that doesn't really extend to compound conditions, unless you're
willing compound records into the records proposal, or do something
like Common Lisp, which exploits multiple inheritance.  I'd personally
hate to burden the records stuff with this.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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