[R6RS] Timeline for R6RS SRFIs

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Wed Jun 8 07:57:06 EDT 2005

> What I specifically don't want is extending the set of port creation  
> procedures with names that indicate the character encoding or the  
> fact that it is for binary I/O, i.e. open-binary-input-file, open- 
> utf8-input-file, etc.  This is the wrong way to generalize the port  
> creation procedures (how would the names be extended to indicate the  
> end-of-line encoding? the buffering? etc).  In fact if we agree on  
I agree with you. I made this mistake with Bigloo and I'm not happy
with it.

> option 3, I would suggest adding a "direction" setting and an "open- 
> file" procedure so that:
>     (open-input-file "foo")  > input))
>     (open-output-file "foo") > output))
> But we should keep the open-input-file and open-output-file  
> procedures for backward-compatibility, and because the direction is a  
> fundamental setting of a port that you always need to specify.
I agree too. Only one procedure (e.g., OPEN-FILE) is something I wish 
I had. Cluttering the documentation with billion of OPEN-XXX functions is


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