[R6RS] [Scheme Steering Committee announcements] Anton von Straaten appointed to Scheme Editors Committee

Mitchell Wand wand
Tue Jun 7 13:56:11 EDT 2005

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Anton van Straaten to the 
Scheme Language Editors Committee. Anton's service began on 26-27 May 
2005, when he attended a meeting of the Editors Committee.

As we reviewed the 21 names that were suggested by the current editors 
and by the community, Anton's name came up over and over again.  As both 
a commercial user of Scheme and a developer of programming language 
tools, Anton balances an understanding of the requirements of Scheme 
users with a thorough practical and theoretical understanding of 
programming language design.  We are certain that he will be an asset to 
the Editors Committee.

Alan, Guy, and Mitch

Alan Bawden <scheme at bawden.org>
Guy Steele <Guy.Steele at sun.com>
Mitch Wand <wand at ccs.neu.edu>

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