[R6RS] Timeline for R6RS SRFIs

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Fri Jun 3 10:37:07 EDT 2005

Marc wrote,

> You are probably right, but I like the idea of presenting to the
> community our complete plans for R6RS.  If there are differences
> with what is specified in SRFIs 34 to 36, the community will have
> the opportunity to voice their opinion on the changes.
> Let me explain what I dislike about SRFI 34's handling of exceptions
> (I'll comment on the other SRFIs at another time).  The specification
> ...
> I'm not saying that with-exception-handler isn't an interesting
> primitive to have in a Scheme system, but to use it properly you
> really have to know what you are doing and know some internals of the
> Scheme system you are using.  with-exception-handler is just too
> low-level and bug prone for standardization in R6RS.  Anyway,
> guard/raise as I propose cover 99% of the expected uses of
> exceptions.
> Marc
I totally agree with Marc. I'm in favor of fixing the definition of RAISING


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