[R6RS] Timeline for R6RS SRFIs

Marc Feeley feeley
Thu Jun 2 09:44:05 EDT 2005

On 2-Jun-05, at 8:30 AM, Michael Sperber wrote:

> That's why I said we can just drop all but the imperative layer for
> consideration for R6RS, if that's what everybody wants.  The nice
> thing about it is that it isn't monolithic, after all.

As far as I can tell the imperative section of SRFI 68 goes beyond  
the requirements we agreed to in Boston.  It also refers to the  
stream layer (e.g. input-port-stream, set-input-port-stream!), so  
strictly speaking that section is not self contained.  I'm also  
concerned about backward compatibility (e.g. read-char seems to  
return an integer and the procedure eof-object? no longer exists).   
Could you make a specific self contained proposal that would address  
the requirements?


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