[R6RS] revised draft of record srfi

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Fri Jul 22 11:08:25 EDT 2005

I have attached a revised draft of the record srfi.  The draft can also
be found at:


Among the changes and additions:

  * an issues section that, among other things, discusses the relative
    verbosity of the syntax and options for shorthand syntaxes

  * a split in the original procedural interface into a procedural
    interface for building and manipulating records and a separate
    set of procedures for reflection

  * mechanisms for declaring record types opaque to disallow reflection
    and sealed to disallow extension (subtyping)

  * a change in name for both syntactic layers to "define-type"

  * minor changes in the procedural interface, e.g., to specify field
    mutability, and minor changes in the syntactic interfaces, e.g.,
    the addition of opaque and sealed clauses.

  * various simplifications in the presentation and clarifications of
    the semantics

While we don't expect it to make Marc or Manuel completely happy, the
latest draft does a better job of explaining the benefits of the syntax
we've chosen and it does lay out options for syntactic shorthands.

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