[R6RS] new draft Unicode SRFI

Anton van Straaten anton
Thu Jul 21 05:29:54 EDT 2005

Matthew Flatt wrote:
> Enclosed. See the "Revision History" section for a list of things that
> changed. 
> Two changes not discussed previously here: character predicates derived
> from SRFI-14 that are not in R5RS are gone, and `char-lower-case?' and
> `char-upper-case?' are redefined to better match Unicode instead of
> SRFI-14.
> Unless there are complaints/suggestions in the next day or so, I'll
> send it on to the SRFI editor. (I know that many of you are away from
> e-mail or otherwise occupied, but I don't think there's anything
> controversial here.)

It looks fine to me.

I'd still very much like to have a way to express strings that don't 
undergo escape processing.  However, I agree that here-strings don't 
particularly belong in SRFI-75, and that their syntax leaves something 
to be desired.  I may post a very brief proposal related to that soon.

Re the acknowledgements, should the SRFI mailing list participants be 
mentioned, even if only as a group?


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