[R6RS] Unicode SRFI - responses needed

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Tue Jul 19 17:59:21 EDT 2005

> Response items:
>  * Does anyone doubt that we really want to pin down the definition of
>    character as "Unicode scalar value"? (I still don't.)
>  * Does anyone want to argue that supporting a subset of Unicode might
>    count as standard-compliant? (I think that it's not necessary to
>    allow this in the standard.)
>  * Is anyone unhappy with slightly more complex string operations that
>    take into account non-1-to-1 conversions? (I think I'm happy with
>    this, and I'll implement it today to be sure.)
>  * Who wants to keep character-based comparison and conversion
>    operations? (I do.)
>  * How many editors want to keep here strings? How many would prefer to
>    see them go? (I'm now inclined to get rid of them.)

I agree with you on each point.


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