[R6RS] Re: Less verbose type definition form

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Mon Jul 18 12:06:12 EDT 2005

> What is frustrating to me in this discussion is that we're back to
> to the state of things before the meeting:
> ...
> What would be much more helpful would be actual responses to the
> ...
As far as I have understood, Marc tried to make a counter-proposal
because, I think, he does not like the one you have proposed. Marc
(and I) have tried to say to we consider the syntax important. We have
also showed that it exits at least two persons that don't like your
syntax, at all.  I'm sorry to see that you don't consider
this "helpful". I'm sorry to see that you don't consider the Marc's
proposal "helpful". I'm actually not sure that I could add something 
"helpful" on this subject...


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