[R6RS] draft Unicode SRFI

Michael Sperber sperber
Wed Jul 6 10:05:25 EDT 2005

Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

> I'm beginning to wonder if it is a good idea to put the locale  
> specific string procedures in the language.  The runtime system will  
> be larger (in binary code size and in various tables) and we don't  
> seem to be able to pin down a definition of what a "locale" is and  
> how the locale is specified to the runtime system.  I think that,  
> given the support in R6RS for Unicode strings, all the locale  
> dependent string operations can be written portably and placed in a  
> "locale" library.  Wouldn't this make more sense?

I completely agree with you.

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, V?lkerverst?ndigung und ?berhaupt blabla

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