[R6RS] Naming for fixnum / flonum ops

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Mon Jul 4 10:23:55 EDT 2005

> Of those two, I'd pick the latter.  I notice that Chez does the same:
> http://www.scheme.com/csug/numeric.html
> An alternative would be to pick some delimiter that's less ambiguous 
> than "-" in this context, e.g. FX:QUOTIENT.  In that case, names like 
> FX+ would still omit the delimiter, because they don't need the same 
> sort of separation between parts of their name.
May I suggest switching from prefix to suffix (quotientfx or quotient:fx
instead of fxquotient fx:quotient). I prefer suffix because they imply
more efficient documentation indexes... 


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