[R6RS] modules

dyb at cs.indiana.edu dyb
Mon Jan 10 16:42:20 EST 2005

> To my knowledge the discussion on modules has not advanced since
> november and I see no reason to believe there will be a shift of
> opinions soon.  That is why I think it is time to decide on which
> approach to modules we will pursue.  If you and other editors have
> evidence to the contrary please speak up now, and please use the
> mailing list or twiki for future discussions.

There are more than two proposals on the table, since we must
include the preferences Manuel expressed shortly after Mike posted his
counter-proposal to my proposal.  In addition, each has multiple facets,
and we could accept some facets from one and other facets from another
proposal.  So any vote we take must come only after we make completely
clear what we are voting on and cleanly separate separable issues.
I believe any voting on this issue is premature, however.  This is
one issue on which we should try to reach concensus, if possible,
since it is the most likely to fracture the community if done poorly.
I agree with Mike that we should try to make progress in other areas
while continuing our module discussions and that we should ultimlately
meet face-to-face to hammer out the module system.


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