[R6RS] modules

Marc Feeley feeley
Sat Jan 8 22:34:30 EST 2005

> Moreover, about half the editors didn't even participate
> seriously in the (most important aspects of the) discussion (including
> you), and they'll need to be if we want to resolve this in a way that
> doesn't fracture us even further.
> Also, it's not true that the discussion hasn't moved.  I've had a
> number of private email exchanges and phone conversations since
> November.

How can you criticize me for not contributing much to the discussion
and at the same time admit to having moved the discussion to private
exchanges which I was not privy to.  This is outrageous.

To my knowledge the discussion on modules has not advanced since
november and I see no reason to believe there will be a shift of
opinions soon.  That is why I think it is time to decide on which
approach to modules we will pursue.  If you and other editors have
evidence to the contrary please speak up now, and please use the
mailing list or twiki for future discussions.


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