[R6RS] Modules, a second question

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Thu Sep 30 08:35:34 EDT 2004

Richard wrote,

> Manuel's original question was whether (import foo) requires
> evaluating foo's top-level forms even if nothing from foo is
> referenced in the final program.  If the top-level forms have
> to be evaluated no matter what then the static analysis gets
> harder.  To drop foo's top-level forms from the image it isn't
> enough to show that nothing from foo is referenced.  You also
> have to show that foo's top-level forms have no observable side
> effects.
> Not having any module system has the same problem.  Manuel's
> suggestion, a separate 'import' ('import-library', perhaps)
> that has the 'evaluate only if referenced' semantics would
> offer a work around.
Yes. That's exactly my point. Thanks Richard.


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