[R6RS] September 18 meeting

Marc Feeley feeley
Thu Sep 9 10:13:24 EDT 2004

Our meeting is only 9 days from now, so we should think of an agenda.
I feel that each editor (except Richard which can't be there) should
prepare a presentation that will initiate the discussion on that
topic.  The presenter should also manage the discussion that follows.
I'm thinking of informal presentations here that could be proposals or
just ideas and issues.  We also need someone to take notes.

To improve our efficiency, all the editors should get a copy of your
presentation notes (or an abstract) before the meeting.  Please post
an ASCII version of your notes to the R6RS mailing list *** no later
than wednesday the 15th ***.  Please take the time to read these notes
before the meeting.

Here is the topic assigned to each editor.  For Will and Kent, please
pick a topic.

Clinger: ??? maybe compatibility issues (case-sensitivity, cond-expand, etc)
Dybvig : ??? maybe macros and syntax-case?
Feeley : records
Flatt  : modules
Serrano: hash tables
Sperber: exceptions

I'm also planning to take the last 2 hours of the meeting to go
through our list of issues, and spend 5 to 10 minutes on each issue to
get each editor's opinion and perhaps reach consensus on some issues.

Richard: it is too bad that you can't be at the meeting.  However, if
you want to prepare some notes on a specific topic that would be
welcome (another editor could present your notes).  Also, if you want
to elaborate on the list of issues, in particular things that you feel
strongly against, then it would be good to know so we can skip them at
the meeting.  In any case, we will not take any final decisions
without checking with you first.  But I do hope we will have concrete
proposals by the end of the meeting (mostly on simple issues, but
still it will be good to get these things out of the way).


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