[R6RS] R5RS-compliant mode

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Thu Sep 9 05:36:55 EDT 2004

> Mike Sperber, on behalf of Scheme 48, is the only one who has answered
> my question asking how to run each of the major implementations we
> represent in its maximally R5RS-compliant mode.
> On behalf of Larceny v0.50, I'll report that its maximally R5RS-compliant
> mode is obtained by evaluating (compiler-switches 'standard).
> I am about to teach a course in which students may use any R5RS-compliant
> implementation of Scheme but, of the implementations I have tried, only
> Scheme 48 and Larceny appear to comply with R5RS section 1.3.1:
>   It is required that every implementation of Scheme support
>   all features that are not marked as being _optional_.
>   Implementations are free to add extensions, provided the
>   extensions are not in conflict with the language reported
>   here.  In particular, implementations must support a mode
>   that preempts no lexical conventions of this report.
> I'm still hoping you folks will tell me differently.
Concerning Bigloo, compile your modules with -call/cc. The module clause,
of course, is not R5Rs compliant. The solution I generally use is to split
the module in two files:
 - one file containing the Bigloo module clause
 - one file containing the r5rs source code


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