[R6RS] I/O <-> GC question

Marc Feeley feeley
Tue Nov 23 14:12:56 EST 2004

> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc Feeley <feeley at IRO.UMontreal.CA> writes:
> Marc> Michael, I think a more transparent approach to designing the I/O
> Marc> system would be preferable.
> I'm sorry, I have to blow up now.  There's a bit too much "Scheme
> community" feeling here.
> You're criticizing a proposal before you've even seen it.  Worse,
> you're criticizing it before there even *is* one.  I'm currently
> preparing to write it.  Yet you already know that it's not
> sufficiently "transparent".  If you don't want to answer my question,
> don't answer it.  If you want to participate in the pre-design of the
> I/O library, say so.
> Jeez ...

My comment is not about the transparency of your design.  My comment
is about the transparency of your design process (i.e. I (and probably
the other editors) would like to know more about the problems you are
tackling).  Please share your ideas!


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