[R6RS] Collated opinions on list of issues

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Wed Mar 31 08:45:22 EST 2004

I have read all our opinions and I would like to add two few things:

1- I'm in favor of both pattern-matching and non hygienic macros. My option
has always been that pattern-matching is useful when defining
macros *and* functions. My feeling is that it is more general to define
a pattern matching language on the one hand and let macros use it on the
other hand. That is, IMO pattern-matching and macros are related.

2- It seems that Kent and I are the only ones in favor of hash-tables.
Everyone else seems to be neutral. Contrarily to Kent, I don't think
that hash-tables can be addressed in a library because I think that
they raise the problem of weak pointers. Do we want such things in the
language (as well as finalization)? We should decide this.


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