[R6RS] Ensuring progress

Marc Feeley feeley
Sat Jan 24 09:34:18 EST 2004

Manuel Serrano wrote:

> > Marc> Is 3 work days too short?
> > 
> > Yes, at least for me.  One week would be much better.  (I'm sometimes
> > busy on project work during the week, where I have limited Internet
> > connectivity, and return home on the weekend to catch up.)
> As Mike, I would prefer a week. As a coincidence I have been out of mails 
> since five days and I'm just back today :-)

OK then let's settle on 5 work days (i.e. a calendar week).  We should
strive to be as prompt as possible in our responses so that the
discussion can proceed in a timely manner.  The 5 work day limit is
really for extreme cases (out of email contact, work overload, need to
ponder the issues in depth, and so on).  So please if you can't meet
the deadline inform the list that you will need a few more days.

Note that I can imagine situations where this approach could become
problematic (i.e. there are so many threads that you "forget" to
respond to one of them).  So we will have to be flexible and perhaps
adjust the approach as we go.  Anyway, lets give it a try and see.


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