[R6RS] Backward compatibility

Manuel Serrano Manuel.Serrano
Wed Jan 21 14:40:01 EST 2004

> One issue that we should address now is backward compatibility.  In
> the process of designing R6RS, should we consider changes that would
> not be backward compatible?  That is, should we consider changes that
> would cause some R5RS programs to not work anymore in an R6RS
> compliant system?
> My position is that R6RS need not be backward compatible.  There are a
> few things that I consider "broken" in R5RS and fixing these things
> will break backward compatibility.  Of course we should limit the
> extent of these backward incompatibilities so that in practice there
> are few R5RS programs that don't work, and only small changes are
> required to get them to work in an R6RS system.
I agree with the "spirit" of this paragraph as I understand it:
I agree that we should allow ourself to break backward compatibility if we 
are convinced that it is mandatory to do so. 


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