[R6RS] R6RS = Common Scheme?

Richard Kelsey kelsey
Wed Jan 21 10:11:04 EST 2004

   Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:56:18 -0500
   From: Marc Feeley <feeley at IRO.UMontreal.CA>

   I should also point out that I strongly believe in a separation of a
   "core" Scheme language from libraries.  I would like to see the core
   be very small, and to place the operations on numbers, lists, vectors,
   strings, ports in librairies.

What would be the purpose of such a core?  (Not that I can't think of
any possibilities, but I would like to know what you have in mind.)
Anyone wanting to use Scheme would have to read at least part of the
number library.  My thinking was that the core would correspond
roughly to R5RS and that it would be a complete programming language.
As programming languages go it is already very small.


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