[R6RS] R6RS = Common Scheme?

Marc Feeley feeley
Tue Jan 20 18:15:40 EST 2004

> I once had a student elaborate an idea of mine where filenames were
> abstract.  The system would distinguish between absolute filenames and
> relative filenames; a relative filename is essentially a mapping from
> one absolute filename to another.  The design worked out pretty well,
> but there's not a great deal of practical experience with it.  It's
> radically different from everything I've seen anywhere else.
> Do we want to tackle this issue?

I think so.  If we want (open-input-file filename) and (load filename)
and (include filename) and so on, to be portable we should have some
standard way to specify file names that abstracts the details
of the filesystem.

So if you have a good idea please make a proposal, or start a thread
to discuss this issue.


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