[R6RS] Mailing list

Marc Feeley feeley
Tue Jan 20 17:56:56 EST 2004

> If the archive is to become world-readable eventually, why not make it
> world-readable from the start?

To avoid being distracted by comments from the public
(comp.lang.scheme or personal email messages).  After all, if we give
access to the archive to someone, we have to expect some form of
feedback from them (why else would we give access?).  I view the R6RS
mailing list as an ongoing discussion between 7 persons.  I don't want
people interrupting our flow of thought in "mid discussion".

It is basically a question of setting up a process that will be
disciplined and efficient.  I know that there are people not on the
editors committee that could contribute to the design of R6RS.  On the
other hand, bringing them "in the loop" (however indirectly it may be)
may end up slowing our progress to the point that less is achieved in
the end (i.e. deadlocks on particular issues because we don't have
time to carefully sift through all the comments and proposals).  We've
seen this situation before, and I want to avoid it.

I think progress reports are the best way to go (for example drafts of
R6RS).  It is a way to inform the community of some of the
more-or-less finalized decisions we have made and get some feedback.


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