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Marc Feeley feeley
Mon Jan 19 17:12:28 EST 2004

Michael Sperber wrote:

> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc Feeley <feeley at IRO.UMontreal.CA> writes:
> Marc> At this point, only the editors can post to the list and read the
> Marc> archive.  When our job is done and R6RS is finalized I think the
> Marc> archive should become public
> While it's probably your privilege to handle things this way, I'd like
> to point out that many posts to scheme-strategy@ indicated a
> willingness to conduct the R6RS process in a more open and inclusive
> way.  On scheme-strategy@, as far as I remember, nobody ever suggested
> a closed process like the one you're about to run.  (I don't know much
> about what transpired at the workshop as far as this question is
> concerned.)
> I don't know how everyone else here feels about this.

I'd really like to know what all the editors think about this.  I feel
that 7 editors is a large enough group to make it difficult to
maintain the focus on the issues we discuss.  If we open up the
process to the public, we may get lost in all the proposals, opinions
and wish-lists that are sent to us.  Witness the current flurry of
messages on the SRFI-50 mailing-list...  I would like to contribute,
but I just can't keep up with all the discussions.  To stay in control
of the R6RS process, I feel it is best to limit the discussions to the
7 editors.  We can have progress reports (as indicated in the charter)
to inform the public and get their pulse.


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