[R6RS] Mailing list

Marc Feeley feeley
Mon Jan 19 15:03:48 EST 2004

Dear R6RS editors, you should have received a message confirming your
subscription to the r6rs at iro.umontreal.ca mailing-list.  This list is
managed by Mailman and you can get to the archive of messages at


This list is restricted to the 7 editors:

   Will Clinger
   Kent Dybvig
   Marc Feeley
   Matthew Flatt
   Richard Kelsey
   Manuel Serrano
   Mike Sperber

At this point, only the editors can post to the list and read the
archive.  When our job is done and R6RS is finalized I think the
archive should become public so that the reasons for the design
decisions are as clear as possible.  Please try to keep all
discussions pertaining to the design of R6RS on the mailing list so
that a trace of the discussion is kept.


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