[R6RS] Re: FormalVote6dec2004

Marc Feeley feeley
Wed Dec 22 21:53:00 EST 2004

> > What kind of problems are you having?
> I was unable to create new topics for records and numbers.  I see
> you (or somebody) has now created those particular topics (with
> no content), but I still don't know how to create new topics.

In a wiki, all pages are editable.  A topic has to be a "wiki name",
which is basically the concatenation of 2 capitalized words.  So
to add the topic "FooBar" to the main R6RS page you have to edit the
main page and add a line like this:

   * FooBar

Note that the three leading spaces are necessary.  Once you have saved
the page, it will be superscripted with a question mark.  Clicking
this question mark will create the (blank) page for that topic and
allow you to edit it.

> Matthew Flatt's vote on order-of-evaluation was N, which I suspect
> to be an editing error.

Matthew: could you double check this.  You also have not voted
on motion 3 and 24.


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