[R6RS] Convenient syntax for multiple values

Marc Feeley feeley
Fri Dec 10 12:01:17 EST 2004

> > This was really high on everyone's wish list.  (And the absence of it
> > in R5RS seems to be responsible for a certain amount of the dislike
> > for them out in the community.)  I propose that we simply adopt SRFI
> > 11.
> No, please. SRFI forces an additional round of decoding variables arguments
> and list allocation. May I suggest a Common Lisp (and Dylan) like syntax:
> (multiple-value-bind (v1 v2 v3 ..)
>    <sexp>   ;; PRODUCER
>    <sexp>)  ;; body

Why not adopt SRFI 8's receive form:

  (receive <formals> <expression> <body>)


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