[R6RS] modules

William D Clinger will
Fri Aug 20 17:40:46 EDT 2004

First, let me thank Kent Dybvig for posting his summary of issues.
In my first post, I should have pointed out the interaction between
these two issues:

  * Are module exports settable by the exporting module and/or importing
    module? (I prefer that modules be used to control scope, not mutation
    policy, so I would say that variables are settable.  one can always
    export accessors/setters for hidden exports to obtain finer control.)

  * Must one declare "implicit" exports, i.e., local identifiers,
    references to which may be contained in the expanded output of an
    exported macro?  (I prefer yes, since this improves security and
    gives the implementation a chance to treat the remaining variables
    more efficiently.)

My views on these two issues are, in decreasing order of preference:

    1.  no and yes
    2.  yes and yes
    3.  no and no
    4.  yes and no  ---  this is a horrific combination of
        misfeatures that thoroughly screws static analysis,
        whether by compilers, tools, or humans

I could live with 1, 2, or 3.  Whatever we do, it shouldn't be 4.


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