[R6RS] Scheme workshop

Marc Feeley feeley
Fri Aug 6 09:52:11 EDT 2004

Great!  Aside from Richard, all the editors can be in Snowbird on
september 18.  Let's use this opportunity wisely and have a whole day
meeting.  We should start early given that we will all have a
non-negative jet-lag.  How about starting around 8:30AM or 9AM and
plan to end around 4PM (or later if we still have the energy).
Moreover, I'm sure we will not cover all topics on the 18th so
let's also plan a later meeting, for example from 7PM to 9PM on
september 21 or even 9AM to 11AM on september 23 if like me your
return flight is in the mid-afternoon.

I don't have an agenda yet.  In any case the agenda will depend on
what we accomplish between now and then (I'm hoping that Matthew and
Kent can present a summary of their module proposal and that we can
have a few rounds of email discussion on it so that at the meeting we
are all well acquainted with the topic and we can have an effective

If you think we should do otherwise, please speak up now!


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